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Carter Brown Titles 1957-1963

In 1957 Signet (USA) signed a licensing agreement with Horwtiz Sydney for the Carter Brown series; the first title The Body was published in July 1958. Yates was committed to writing at least ten novels per year.

Booty For A Babe 1957
The Eve Of His Dying 1957
The Bribe Was Beautiful (reprint Lethal In Love) 1957
Darling You're Doomed 1957
Lethal In Love (later Minx is Murder; not 1953 Lethal In Love) 1957
Stripper, You've Sinned (revised Strip Without Tease") 1957
Venus Unarmed 1957
Trouble Is A Dame (not 1954 title of same name) 1957
Bella Donna Was Poison 1957
Eve - It's Extortion 1957
Wreath For A Redhead 1957
Sinner You Slay Me 1957
No Law Against Angels (later The Body, US 1961) 1957
Madam You're Mayhem 1957
Ten Grand Tallulah And Temptation (later Scarlet Flush 1963) 1957
Doll For The Big House (later Bombshell 1960) 1957
Blonde, Bad And Beautiful (later The Hong Kong Caper 1962) 1957
Chorine Makes A Killing 1957
Last Note For A Lovely 1957
Murder Wears A Mantilla 1957
That's Piracy, My Pet (later Bird in a Guilt-Edged Cage 1962) 1957
Cutie Wins A Corpse (later Graves I Dig with Danny Boyd) 1957
Good-Mourning, Mavis 1957
The Unorthodox Corpse 1957
Ice Cold In Ermine 1958
Siren Signs Off (later Myopic Mermaid 1962) 1958
Death On The Downbeat 1958
No Body She Knows 1958
No Future Fair Lady 1958
Widow Bewitched 1958
High Fashion In Homicide 1958
Tempt A Tigress 1958
Luck Was No Lady 1958
The Charmer Chased 1958
Deadly Miss 1958
Cutie Takes The Count 1958
The Blonde 1958
Sinfully Yours 1958
Goddess Gone Bad 1958
Hi-Fi Fadeout 1958
So Lovely She Lies 1958
The Lover 1958
The Corpse 1958
The Mistress 1958
The Body (revised No Law Against Angels 1957) 1958
The Cold Dark Hours 1958
The Victim (US version of Walk Softly Witch revised Eve It’s Extortion) 1959
Walk Softly Witch (US as The Victim; Australia So Deadly Sinner 1959 and The Victim 1961) 1959
The Loving And The Dead (revised A Morgue Amour) 1959
So Deadly, Sinner! 1959
The Passionate 1959
None But The Lethal Heart(The Fabulous: Australia)
The Wanton 1959
Suddenly By Violence! 1959
Terror Comes Creeping 1959
The Dame 1959
The Desired 1959
The Wayward Wahine 1960
The Bombshell (revised Doll For the Big House) 1960
Graves - I Dig! (revised Cutie Wins a Corpse) 1960
Tomorrow Is Murder 1960
The Temptress 1960
The Brazen 1960
The Dream Is Deadly 1960
Lament For A Lousy Lover 1961
The Savage Salome (revised Murder Is My Mistress 1955) 1961
The Stripper 1961
The Tigress 1961
The Exotic 1961
The Seductress 1961
The Million Dollar Babe (revised Cutie Cashed His Chips 1955) 1961
Myopic Mermaid (revised Siren Signs Off 1958) 1961
Zelda 1961
Angel! 1962
Ice Cold Nude 1962
Hellcat 1962
Murder In The Harem Club 1962
The Lady Is Transparent 1962
Lover, Don't Come Back! 1962
Hong Kong Caper (revised Blonde, Bad and Beautiful) 1962
The Dum Dum Murders 1962
The Murderer Among Us! 1962
Bird In A Guilt-Edged Cage (revised That’s Piracy My Pet 1957) 1962
The Lady Is Not Available 1963
The Passionate Pagan 1963
The Ballad Of Loving Jenny (US White Bikini) 1963
The Sinners (US, UK, Canada: The Girl Who Was Possessed) 1963
Nymph To The Slaughter 1963
Blonde On The Rocks 1963
Girl In A Shroud 1963
The Jade-Eyed Jinx 1963
The Scarlet Flush (revised Ten Grand Tallulah And Temptation 1957 ) 1963
Charlie Sent Me! (revised Swan Song For A Siren 1955) 1963
The Silken Nightmare 1963

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