Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Can anyone help me translate this Carter Brown title? I'm also unsure of its origin.

I'm also looking for the following translated Carter Browns:
Oi Magisses
Me Lypasai Tis Omorfes
Me Lypasai Tis Omorfes
Neraida Sto Sfageio
E Latreia
Ena Fili Gia To Dolofono
E Kyria Einai Diathesime
Plasmene Kai Gia Kati Allo
To Pathos
E Klinike Tou Sex
I adistakti
To Spiti Me Tis Koukles
Nærsyna hafmeyjan
Likio gengur aftur
Geðbilaði leikarinn
Ha-Na'Ara Be-Salmat Ha-Mawet
Bubbat Ha-Avadon
Hazmana lerezah
Any infomation would be gratfully apprieciated. Email


Scott said...

Finally a spot to read and share my favorite author.

Anonymous said...

The title on that book cover is Spanish for "Eve...This is Blackmail"

I took a look through the Carter Brown titles and believe this might be the book published as "Eve, It's Extortion"

Extortion and Blackmail are often used interchangeably.

Len said...

Thanks for publishing this blog on one of my favorite authors. For what are probably obvious reasons (the covers) I discovered Carter Brown Mysteries in my teens (the mid-60s) and I probably have close to 100 titles in my collection.

Ólafur Gunnlaugsson said...

Nærsýna hafmeyjan

The myopic mermaid

Likið gengur aftur

mmmm ... untranslatable really .... could be The haunted body, The body returns or The return of the dead

Geðbilaði leikarinn

The insane actor